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Mrs. Alberts's Kindergarten


    Welcome to my kindergarten website!  It is intended to provide you information about our classroom, curriculum,  and serve as a resource to parents.  Kindergarten today may look very different than our experience when we were little.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    At its best, kindergarten is more than just an opportunity for children to socialize and learn about colors and shapes. This is an important year in the life of youngsters! A well-run classroom should offer kids developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities, without pushing them beyond what they can handle. It should also provide them with playtime and opportunities to move throughout the day.  

    Above all, kindergarten is the time when kids acquire early educational skills so that they're not only ready -- but also excited -- to move on to first grade. Children within this age group are like little sponges. They love learning, and are eager to do so. Preserving this mindset is one of the most important tasks a kindergarten teacher should accomplish.