• The Brookings Middle School was established in 1967 and has the distinction of being the first organized middle school in the state of South Dakota. In January 1999, the middle school became known as George S. Mickelson Middle School in memory of our former governor. The new building took its place at its present location in the southeast corner of Brookings. The middle school was specifically designed with home areas for each team, a large 3 court gymnasium, 350 capacity cafeteria area, and a centrally located library.


    The middle school uses an interdisciplinary team approach for approximately 800 students in grades six through eight. Students take courses in core and encore areas. The core area classes consist of math, language arts, science, social studies, reading, life skills, technology education, and foreign languages.The encore area classes consist of wellness (physical education and health), general music, art, technology skills, Project Lead The Way, and Family and Comsumer Science. The 6th grade level has three teams known as Red, Black and Gray, which correspond with the school colors. Two teams are composed of five core teachers and several encore teachers. The Gray team is composed of four teachers and several encore teachers. A typical school day includes eight 40-minute classes, two 35-minute student improvement times, and a 7-minute homeroom. The classrooms are wired for internet and telephone hookups, encouraging staff and parent communication. Outside the regular school day, the middle school offers approximately 15 organized clubs, including athletic and fine arts activities. Mickelson Middle School staff consists of a principal, an assistant principal, two secretaries, 55 teachers, two counselors, one librarian, a school nurse, a school psychologist, and numerous teaching assistants. The faculty averages 16 years of teaching experience with approximately 35 percent holding masters degrees.


    School Contact Information:

    George S. Mickelson Middle School

    1801 12th Street South

    Brookings, SD 57006

    PHONE: (605) 696-4500

    FAX: (605) 696-4506