An Interview with A Women’s Varsity Player

  • Written by: Nowella Thompson

    Posted Oct. 3, 2019

    Brookings Bobcats varsity women's soccer team has played close to a full season, from their first game in Sioux Falls against Roosevelt to their fourth to last game against O’Gorman. It’s been a hard year but the games they’ve won were fought for immensely and these girls are doing amazing at keeping their spirirt’s up.

    The team had their first win of the season on August 27th at a neutral conference game against Huron with a score of 9-0. During the game a lot of great plays took place such as a header by Emily Rystrom and even Aria Simet’s first varsity goal. I interviewed one of the players, Kate Ropp, a senior.

    What position do you play on your team?

    “I play defender on the outside back wing.”

    Why did you join soccer?

    “I started when I was five and just really liked it, I’ve always played but got more into it around sophomore year, so I’ve been playing for about 13 years. It helped me make friends.”

    What are your routines for game days?

    “The team meets up about an hour before practice and we just get ready in the locker room and listen to a lot of music, really loud. We practice being mindful and focusing on the game.”

    How does soccer affect your time in school?

    “It doesn’t much affect my schoolwork, but game days do emit a lot of excitement.”

    Do you plan to continue playing after high school?

    “It would be fun, I might do intramural during college, but I really don’t know.”

    What lesson has soccer taught you?

    “Perseverance, and that you can’t worry about the things you can’t change and that change is good. It’s taught me mental toughness and it’s also nice to be a part of a bigger school culture.”

    What is your advice for someone looking to join?

    “Just do it, the older kids can seem scary but I promise we really respect each other and we help everyone do their best.”