• The children will have an opportunity to have snack on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.  Our snack will be individual, meaning that if you wish for your child to have a snack, you may send a healthy, peanut free snack with your child.  If you wish to send an item needing a utensil, you will need to provide that as well.

    On your child's birthday (or half birthday), if you wish to send a treat for the whole class, you may do so.  Please be sure to follow the healthy snack guidelines set by the school district.  Here are the acceptable foods:  cheese sticks, yogurt cup, 100 calorie snack packs, fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, rice cakes, graham crackers, granola bars, or rice krispy treats.  Food items, when applicable, should be packaged and not homemade.  Snacks not meeting the healthy snacks guidelines cannot be served and will be sent home.

    Please note:  I do not have a place to store items that need refrigeration.